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Tried Loceryl Case Study 1

This patient was a 61 Year old male who had suffered a fungal nail infection in his left big toe for over 5 years, he has tried Loceryl
on it for over 2 years with no change. He has gone through 3 boxes of Loceryl. He looked into taking Oral Lamisil but was concerned about the possible side effects so decided against taking this medication. He also tried Daktarin, tea tree oil and Vicks Vaporub all with no change in his nail.

Following 2 Years of Loceryl Treatment

Patient a couple of weeks after Initial Laser Treatment

We discussed surgically removing this nail and cleaning out the Fungus and allowing it to grow back. The patient was very reluctant as he was concerned about the pain that he would experience. I told him that I had just returned from the USA where they were now using Laser for the treatment of fungal nails. I advised him that I had just ordered a Laser system a few weeks prior to seeing him and it was decided that he would be my first Laser patient in Australia.

A few weeks later we treated him with laser and he found it to be slightly uncomfortable but certainly tolerable. We did 2 sessions of laser spaced 4 weeks apart.

3 Month review after initial Laser treatment

We reviewed the patient after 3 months and noticed a definite clearing of the nail “root” the patient was extremely happy he had suffered no side effects and was able to do everything he had done prior to the laser treatment on his Fungal toe Nail.

Nail Fungus

3 Months after Nail Fungus Laser Treatment

we made a follow up appointment for 2 months to review progress.






5 Month follow up on Laser treatment of fungal toenail

We reviewed the patient after 5 months, we found further clearing of his fungal toenail he was very happy with the result and it still has 2 to 3 months before it totally grows out.

We will review him in another 2 months by then the nail fungus should have almost grown out completely.

Fungus in toenail almost gone

Fungal infection in Toenail almost gone

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