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Loceryl Side Effects

Loceryl Side Effects

Loceryl is widely available through Pharmacies, it no longer requires a Doctors prescription and can be purchased over the counter. Although generally safe there are some side effects that may be associated with its use. It should be noted that just because your nails look “strange” they need not necessarily be infected by Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis). It is really worth seeking professional advice before purchasing this product.

Loceryl should be discontinued in people who have found their skin is sensitive to the treatment.
No data exists for the use during pregnancy is is recommended that the use lo loceryl be discontinued during pregnancy.
It is also recommended that it not be used if breast feeding.
It will sometimes result in a burning sensation if applied to the skin surrounding the nail it is therefore advisable to avoid this area.

Use of Loceryl in Children

Due to there being no clinical data on the use of Loceryl in children it is advisable that it not be used in children.

Reported Side Effects of Loceryl

Some adverse effects were reported of the 502 patients that used it, 3 reported itching or redness to the skin in a sensitisation study 122 patients reported delayed hypersensitivity. Some cases of brittle nails have also been reported however this may be attributed to the fungal infection.
We have noted that the vast majority of patients who use this have no result we still believe that the use of Laser offers patients the best hope of resolving fungal toenails. Before you spend money on Loceryl make an appoinLoceryltment and come and talk to us about whether your nails have nail fungus.

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